Kulturbrücke Festival Magdeburg

From 09. - 11. September 2022

Music, literature, workshops and much more!

Since 2020, Kulturbrücke has enriched the Elbe meadows with music, literature, dance, theater and workshops for young and old. Here you can find out what we have prepared for you in 2022 …

3 years of cultural festivals at the Elbe river

For the third time we are organizing a 3-day festival directly in the center of Magdeburg. Sometimes we can hardly believe it ourselves. Take a look for yourself at what it looked like last year:

How it all began ...

The Kulturbrücke came from a crazy idea: Celebrating on a bridge – is that possible?

Years later, this gave rise to the Kulturbrücke Festival, which has enriched the city on the Elbe River since 2020.

The team

Throughout the year we plan, tinker, screw, hammer, calculate, structure and organize so that together we can experience unforgettable moments in September.

But these experiences are by no means exclusive! Do you have a great idea, or just want to be involved?


Without the support of our incredible volunteers and sponsors this event would not be possible. We thank all the supporters who are on board in 2022:


It is amazing what these people manage to create with us – our friends & family: