Join the Crew

An event like the Kulturbrücke cannot be organized without the strong support of our volunteers! We are looking for people who

  • tinker with the decoration with us
  • Participate in the program planning
  • would like to support the PR team

and much more! There is indeed always something to do. You don’t have to bring any previous experience with you – we have made it our priority to level with you on whichever skills you have! And certainly we learn a lot from each other!

During the event, we are also happy to have helping hands for set-up and dismantling, in the night watch, in awareness matters, as stewards and behind the bar counter.


Our crew of the Kulturbrücke Festival 2024!

Structure: 03. + 04. + 05. + September 06, 2024
Dismantling: 08. + 09. + September 10, 2024

Every support is worth its weight in gold!

Unfortunately, as a volunteer organization team, we cannot offer gold – so we’ll reward you with free drinks during the event instead! There is also a small allowance for all-day shifts. More information can be found in the registration forms, or on request. And of course we will give you valuable experiences with lovely people, lots of fun and festival atmosphere!

Feel free to get in touch at or through our social media channels. We look forward to meeting you!

Group Photo at the swing