Lisa Strat

Musical free spirit and multi-instrumentalist

With her energetic stage performance she is a one-woman band.

The solo artist had her first performance in the summer of 2020 at a regional band competition. Although Lisa Strat has never been on a stage before, she won right away with her unique performance.

Lisa Strat delivers a show that is wild, emotional and engaging. She merges with her sounds to create an atmosphere that becomes an experience.

During her performance the self-taught artist presents her wide musical spectrum by means of various instruments (guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, synthesizer, trumpet, beatbox). Characteristic is the use of her loop station, through which she manages to unite the sound of a whole band in one person.

A free spirit who claims the stage barefoot, Lisa Strat follows her very own musical vision. With her dynamic guitar and experimental percussion sounds, she leaves genre boundaries behind and offers an emotionally colorful cross-over mix of indie, folk and electronic music.

Currently, the artist is touring throughout northern Germany and working on her first EP, which will be released in the fall of 2022.

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Friday, 09 September, 18:00