Workshop: Rapping with Jester

Jester Jay (real name: Justin Maximilian Scherl) is a German rapper, singer, theater and film actor.

Born in Magdeburg in 2003, Justin recognized his talent for writing rhymes when he was 15, produced three complete songs within a week and performed them live at his school.

Justin created the artist Jester Jay, whose logo is adorned with a jester’s cap, as a tribute to the figure of the Joker and Till Eulenspiegel. And so his songs deal with rather gloomy topics like inner conflict, anger and depression, crazy things like living in the forest, suffering as a mannequin or cannibalism as well as love songs and reggae summer party. Musically, he feels influenced above all by Greeen, Sido and Eminem, but never limits himself to the hip-hop genre or serving common rap clichés. Jester Jay plays with words and situations, lets the unexpected take place and therefore also recorded tracks with an opera singer or with songwriters, for example.

Since 2019, he has been performing regularly at the “Villa Wertvoll” theater and in 2021 took on a leading role in the film ,,Neue Schritte”, which premiered at the Festung Mark in Magdeburg. Live performances followed, among others, at the Kulturnacht, at the Jugendaktionstag, in the late-night show of the Offener Kanal in Magdeburg as well as in the Kulturfabrik Haldensleben.

Since spring 2022, he has been presenting his workshop “Rapping with Jester” for interested young people together with the Magdeburg City Library. There were several good reviews for this in the Magdeburger Volksstimme, among others, and a great interview.

His current single “Nur die Engel” is about unrequited love and self-doubt. The corresponding music video was produced in 2022 and appeared alongside several singles on the YouTube channel “Jester Jay Music Channel”. Currently Jester Jay is looking for a capable beat maker for new musical projects – on the way to the big breakthrough…

Sunday, September 11 from 15:00