Culture in times of COVID-19

In times of a worldwide pandemic, cultural events are only possible under difficult conditions. But we cannot and do not want to imagine a world without culture. That’s why we’re dedicated to making culture happen – diligently and safely for everyone involved, of course.


Kulturbrücke 2022

We are currently planning our event on September 9-11, 2022, without mandatory contact data collection and 3G restrictions. However, we recommend our visitors to have a daily updated rapid test carried out or to carry it out themselves before entering the festival area. However, should the pandemic situation in September make it necessary, we may have to adjust the rules at short notice. As with all information in times of COVID-19, we ask for your understanding that we cannot give you any guarantees.

Important: AHA rules

The event will be held in the open, and the area will be large enough to ensure sufficient distance can be maintained at all times. Especially in the bar, stage and entrance areas, we will implement disinfection dispensers and masks as protective measures. Our awareness team – supported by signs and markings – will also provide information.

    Most important, however, is our event character: art and culture on the Elbe, peaceful and sonorous. We made a conscious decision not to have a party after 11pm.


    Questions & Suggestions

    Do you have any suggestions or concerns? Feel free to contact us at any time: