September 9, 2022

The Highlights

Danny Priebe Band

The musicians around bandleader Danny Priebe start 2022 with new songs in a skillful mixture of their own music and selected cover songs.

Lisa Strat

Musical free spirit and multi-instrumentalist

With her energetic stage performance she is one-woman band. A free spirit who claims the stage barefoot, Lisa Strat follows her very own musical vision.

Screw FM

It’s as simple as it sounds:

5 guys found each other to enjoy music, dig out the dusty sound of pure, passionate, handmade blues rock and go on every stage possible! A melange of 70’s/80’s hard rock with a good pinch of rusty early blues and a touch of rough desert rock!


Main Stage

16:30 Screw FM
18:00 Lisa Strat
20:00 Danny Priebe
21:30 MarS


Love Shire

15:00 ARTIS
17:00 Augenstein
20:00 Judith Ahrends Live
21:00 Amu Amu

The workshops

18:00 Acro-Yoga Main meadow

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